Early submitters can help to shape F1000 Research

Posted by Rebecca Lawrence, 3 April 2012

Many recent blogs and tweets have been suggesting F1000 Research as an alternative for those who have been using Nature Precedings, which closes today. We would be delighted to receive such submissions so if you do have something that you had planned to send to Nature Precedings within the fields of biology and medicine (or indeed that you have already submitted there previously) that you would like publishing and refereeing, and that hasn’t already been submitted for full publication elsewhere, please do send them in by e-mail to research@f1000.com. We will accept all formats from posters and slides to full research papers, data papers and commentaries.

Alternatively, if you have posters and/or slides that you presented at a conference and do not want them refereeing as you wish to have them published elsewhere, you can submit them for free to F1000 Posters via the quick and simple submission form.

We will be starting to publish our first articles on F1000 Research in May as part of the process of refining our publishing procedures so early submitters will also have the opportunity to contribute to helping to shape the details of this novel publishing program (as well as benefit from waived article processing charges)!

F1000Research is an original open science publishing platform for life scientists that offers immediate open access publication, transparent post-publication peer review by invited referees, and full data deposition and sharing. F1000Research accepts all scientifically sound articles, including single findings, case reports, protocols, replications, null/negative results, and more traditional articles.

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